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ian_L - A Journey

The Silence of One who has much to Say, is Deafening

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16th Nov-5th Dec '05 - Admit to TTSH.
Enlarged mediastinal mass on upper left chest.
Diagnosed with Cancer.
Non-Hodgkins (Large B-cell) Lymphoma Stage 2.

1st Dec '05 - Start Chemotherapy. 1st cycle of CHOP.

8th-12th Dec '05 - Admit thru A&E at TTSH (Neutropenic infection).

22nd Dec '05 - 2nd cycle of CHOP.

12th Jan '06 - 3rd cycle of CHOP.

25th Jan '06 - Latest CT Scan results shows tumor has
decreased in size.

3rd Feb '06 - 4th cycle of CHOP.

27th Feb '06 - 5th cycle of CHOP.

15th-25th Mar '06 - Admit thru A&E at TTSH (2nd Neutropenic infection).

27th Mar '06 - 6th cycle of CHOP.

13th Apr '06 - 1st relapse.
Latest CT Scan results shows tumor has
increased in size. The cells may have mutated
& become resistant.

14th-24th Apr '06 - Admit thru A&E at TTSH (3rd Neutropenic infection).

27th Apr-11th May '06 - Admit to NUH for 1st cycle of RICE chemo.
Re-classified as Non-hodgkins Lymphoma Stage 2A.

22nd-30th May '06 - Admit to NUH for 2nd cycle of RICE chemo.

12nd-17th Jun '06 - Admit to NUH for 3rd cycle of RICE chemo.

26th-29th Jun '06 - Admit to NUH for Stem Cell Harvest.

25th Jul-15th Aug '06 - Admit to NUH(HD) for BEAM chemo, followed by transplant.
26th-31st Jul '06 - BEAM chemo runs for 6 days.
2nd Aug '06 - 1st Stem Cell (Bone Marrow) Transplant. (Autologous)
15th Aug '06 - Discharged for home.

14th Sep '06 - Results of CT Scan shows a 2 by 3cm 'unknown' mass.

5th Oct '06 - CT Simulation.

16th Oct-24th Nov '06 - Daily Intensive Radiotherapy (6 weeks).

10th Jan '07 - PET Scan

11th Jan '07 - 2nd relapse.
There's still tumors on upper left chest,
and 2 NEW tumors on Left & Right Lungs.

13th-30th Jan '07 - Admit thru A&E at NUH due to chest pains & difficulty breathing.
Various tests done.
Re-classified as Non-hodgkins Lymphoma Stage 4.
Start new regime of chemo, 1st cycle of R-GIFOX.

5th-16th Feb '07 - Admit to NUH for 2nd cycle of R-GIFOX chemo.
Discovered a lung infection, treatment begins.

21st Feb-6th Mar '07 - Admit to NUH for 3rd cycle of R-GIFOX chemo.

12th - 28th Mar '07 - Admit to NUH for 4th cycle of R-GIFOX chemo.

## April '07 - Admit to NUH(HD)
## April '07 - Pre Chemo runs for 5 days.
## April '07 - 2nd stem cell transplant (Allogeneic)



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